How to open a vanguard brokerage account and keep your account secure

If you've ever wondered how to trade stocks in the stock market you are not alone. There are many different schools of thought on trading - day trading, index fund trading, dividend investing, and much more. In part 3 of The Wealthy AchieveHer Financial Freedom Course, Trade Wages for Stocks, we learn about the financial independence retire early (FIRE) methodology. It's how I accumulated my wealth over the past four years. FIRE is the movement of deciding to work fewer years and retire before 65 years old. It's the ability to live off of passive income well before the traditional retirement age. It's very attractive to those who live outside the box and thrive on having a more flexible schedule. FIRE requires you to save and invest more than the traditional 10% that we have been taught for years because the more you invest the faster you can become financially independent and live a life of financial freedom.

The FIRE community believes that whether you have a financial planner or not, you should be responsible for your financial future and understand budgeting, saving, and basic investing in the stock market. It honestly isn't hard, but we've been taught that we can't do it, only a certified professional can do it. That's where Jack Bogle comes in. Jack Bogle was the founder and chief executive of The Vanguard Group and is credited with creating the first index fund. An avid investor and money manager himself, he preached investment over-speculation, long-term patience over short-term action, and reducing broker fees as much as possible.

Account Security

Vanguard has extensive and advanced security measures in place. Here is a checklist of actions to take to secure your account:

  1. Setup 2 factor authentication - when you attempt to login to your account, Vanguard will send you a one time code to enter before you can access your accounts.

  1. Setup voice verification - You will be taken through a process that records your unique voice. Anytime you call in, you voice will be verified against the recording.

  1. Bank account verification (this is the automatic process by Vanguard) - When you add a bank account, Vanguard will verify the name not the bank matches the name on the Vanguard account. Next, they will send two small deposits to that account over the next few days. Once you receive the deposits, you will enter the amount of the deposits into your Vanguard profile. They will then place a 7-10 day hold on your bank account before you can transfer anything in or out of Vanguard.

Open an Account at Vanguard

In the video below, we will walk through the steps to open a brokerage account at Vanguard (founded by Jack Bogle), the first step to investing in stocks on your own. In Trade Wages for Stocks, you can follow along and learn how to use their platform. In general, the steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate to and choose personal investor.

  1. Enter your personal information and confirm your identity.

  1. Enter your banking information so that you can fund your new account to buy and sell.

  1. Fund your new account with funds.

  1. Confirm your bank account with Vanguard by confirming receipt of two small deposits.

  1. Trade! (You make your own decisions about what and how much to buy. This is not investor advice).

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