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My Recommended FIRE Books

You are here because you are interested in learning more about FIRE and financial freedom. Here are some of my favorite FIRE books that helped me along my journey! Click the button and scroll down to Wealth Book Club Books!

7 Keys to making it through your parents divorce book course page


If you're reading this, you might be dealing with a separation or divorce. I went through it and made it out just fine, and so can you. I wrote this book at the age of ten because I wanted to help other children through this challenging situation. I came up with seven key issues that were hard for me to deal with and how I got through them. Parents will also find the seven keys to be insightful. I hope this book helps you through this tough time. Remember, you'll be just fine.

Sincerely, C.J.

7 Keys to making it through your parents divorce book course page


Are you struggling to discover your purpose? This book was written for everyone with a dream larger than life itself. Throughout my life, I dreamt of taking flight toward my dreams, yet faced many obstacles and challenges that kept me on the ground. I want everyone that reads this book to know one thing, you were born to fly! Life is truly a journey, and with every battle you fight, you gain the strength you’ll need to soar amongst the stars.

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