5 Ways to Save an Extra $5k this Year and How to use my budget bestie (free google sheets download)

Join me for a training you don't want to miss! The Wealthy AchieveHer challenge of the year is to save an extra $5,000 this year. During this episode, I'll teach you how to use my budget bestie and give you 5 strategies to cut expenses so you can SAVE and INVEST more. Let's strive to achieve this goal together. We will meet monthly and I'll provide a new money challenge each month to help you save and invest more this year! Up for the challenge? Subscribe on YouTube to get reminded and then download the free budget here:

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Taxes are typically deferred when investing in certain retirement accounts, like a 401k. Seek professional advice or check out my course to learn more about how tax-deferred accounts work.


Food ​is an area that literally eats up our budget. I constantly get asked, “how can I save money on groceries?” There are a few ways that I save on my grocery bill. Here are my favorite tips.

1.) Try a low-cost food store

I shop at Aldi and if there isn’t anything I can’t purchase at Aldi, I head to a larger grocery store. Aldi has vegan, gluten-free, and organic food options for less.

2.)Make a list before you go shopping.

I use a meal planner app. There are several grocery list and meal planning apps available for free. This keeps me on track while at the store, and I can quickly check off my list as I shop.


Housing is where some bravery comes into play. If you are uncomfortable with how much you are spending and not happy with how much you are saving, you may have to make some tough decisions. I know about this all too well. When I divorced in 2017 and looked at my end-of-the-year budget, I realized I had to sell my 3,000 square foot house and move someplace less expensive. Believe it or not, I felt a big relief when I moved into a tiny 2-bedroom home with rent that was $1,000 a month cheaper than my previous mortgage! You may not want to move, and in that case, brainstorm ways to lessen your housing expense or other expenses.

I am thankful you are here to learn and hope you find value here. I am not a financial advisor and this is not advice. I am sharing how I became financially independent in hopes that the information is useful to you in your research journey. Also, consult your tax accountant and do your own follow-up research :) If you purchase on my Amazon Store links or other affiliate links, you are supporting me and this free information with no additional cost to you. Thank you!

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